LUMS hosts the most successful Startup Weekend Lahore to date

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Startup Weekend Lahore - 2015

Startup Weekend, an internationally recognized event, has been regularly held in Pakistan since 2014. Organized by one of Pakistan’s premier groups, LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship, the event allows young, aspiring entrepreneurs to rub elbows with seasoned mentors and develop or improve ideas of their own. This year’s Startup Weekend Lahore took place between 26th – 28th February and brought together like-minded people from the fields of business, technology and entrepreneurship. An impressive 75 startups were pitched on the first day.

After grueling rounds of pitching and presentations, three startups came on top.

First Place: Geo Clocking

This app called Geo Clocking will help you plan daily visits using Google Maps in a very thorough manner. Not much details have been released yet, but the startup believes that it can be used for security purposes as well.

First Runner-Up: Jaga Nahi Milti

Restaurant mein jaga nahi milti? Have no fear, this new app will let you reserve your spot from the comfort of your home. No hassle!

Second Runner-Up: Alif

Perhaps the only startup at SW Lahore that is not just another online portal. Alif is basically a pen that will upload whatever your write on paper to an online source, possibly a cloud.

Following are the other runners-up startups which were shortlisted for the final round. Here’s a look at their ideas and the work they want to do.

1. Universal Donor
As the name suggests, Universal Donor is a new startup promoting organ donation and saving lives. Not only this, they also aim to clear misconceptions around the process of organ donation in Pakistan.

2. Phish Rod
In this world of increasing cyber crime, Phish Rod hopes to prevent you from any hacker attacks. Their product will be a simulation device to check the threat level and will efficiently indicate how prone your network is to hacking.

3. Glam Central
Glam Central will connect people with brands that they like and also be a platform for providing customers with samples of various glam products.

4. Noushah + Suit Up
Noushah + SuitUp call themselves a better, trustworthy version of OLX. They are an online portal that aims to act as an intermediary/connector between a buyer and a seller.

5. Dealish
If you’re too lazy to go explore your locality to hunt new stuff, Dealish will be your saviour. This location-based app will provide you a complete list of purchasing options in your vicinity.

6. Funkaar
We keep hearing that Pakistan has a lot of raw talent and without proper mentorship that talent goes to waste. Funkaar claims to be Pakistan’s first online talent agency, where they will hunt young talent and train aspiring actors and models.

7. Feedback That Matters
Be it a birthday party, a wedding or an office party, they got you covered. Feedback That Matters will provide catering services for all types of events.

8. Delicious
Delicious will be a web-based delivery service but here’s the catch, they won’t be providing you with any regular meal. They are teaming up entrepreneurs and chefs to produce healthy meals according to a diet plan and deliver it to craving customers.

9. Albab
If you’re hunting for a job, this may come in handy. This app will allow you to fill in your details once and apply at multiple places. As you achieve more feats, simply update your profile!

10. Eduaid
This online portal aims to promote the concept of peer to peer learning. Students can simply post online when they need help with their coursework. Registered tutors will then be allotted to help them out.

11. SalesVille
This startup was pitched as a ‘tool that can read the mind of a customer’. Time will reveal the truth of that.

12. EPay
EPay aims to create a supply chain by connecting buyers and sellers.

13. Policy Bazar
This a Pakistani version of the already existing site by the same name ( Users can explore this online portal for information on insurance policy options.

14. Customers Insider
Customer Insider is also a startup looking to connect buyers and sellers, creating a supply chain.

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