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LUMS Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit kicking off from Monday

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The flagship event of the LUMS Entrepreneurial Society, the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit is set to start from this Monday, i.e. the 1st of January. YLES is by far the largest entrepreneurship and business summit organized in the country.

The event is rolling into its 8th consecutive year, with this edition’s secretariat promising an exhilarating event full of great learning opportunities for participants. The dates of the event are 1st-5th January.

The event is based on 6 rounds to help the judges determine the best team, which are as follows:

Idea Junction

Each team will be required to present their business idea to the panel of judges. The criteria of judgment will revolve around the feasibility of the business depending on how it is pre-planned. After all, the success of a venture greatly depends on how well everything is thought out, right?

Plug It In

The participating teams will be required to come up with full-fledged marketing campaigns for their respective products. Team members will be asked to give detailed explanations clarifying the thought process behind the planning of the campaign as well.

Brand Rush

Teams will be required to explain the branding strategies that can be adapted to adequately brand the product/service assigned to them.

Social Sustainability

Teams have to participate in a series of short competitions that will help them learn the concept of social entrepreneurship and improve their understanding of the idea of corporate social responsibility.


Participants will play their roles as investors and financial analysts in stimulated conditions of selected financial markets, which aims to groom their ability to interpret practical market situations.

Strategic Business Management

The participants’ critical thinking ability will be put to test here through constant scrutinizes of their decision making abilities from a business point of view.

The event secretariat is proud to announce that this year the members of the winning team of the event will be provided with a €120,000 scholarship by the Solve Business School, which is based in France.

Teams will be coming from all over Pakistan, while international teams from Nepal and Gambia will be attending the event as well.

Coming to the fun side of the event, all five days of the event will have social events, including a networking night wherein participants can meet each other as well as converse with industry professionals. Furthermore, a concert of Farhan Saeed and Somewhat Super is being arranged as well, which will help the participants loosen up after a full day of tiring activities.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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