New update in Chrome OS will let Android apps work in background

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Chrome OS has been working for many years to support Android apps for a smoother performance within the platform. The tech giant, Google has been working hard to improve the experience of mobile apps running on its Chrome-based operating system. As of now, it appears a software update may fix one of the remaining problems, the company is facing with its browser.

Recently, Google released Chrome 63 for Android with a bunch of new features and now all eyes are sticking on what the tech giant will offer in Chrome 64 build. A report by Chrome Unboxed has been released which reveals a new feature in Chrome 64 beta and is called Android Parallel Tasks. The new updates let Android apps run continuously in the background even when you’re active on another program.

Earlier, Android apps in Chrome OS face issues like hanging and pausing when you click or tap out of their windows. Sometimes the app even stops working until you tap back into it, to continue using the program. However, some exceptions were there, like Spotify, which will continue to play music even when you’re not actively using the app. While other programs pause all activity until you resume, using the app again.

The new update of Chrome 64 will be a great help for multitasking, especially for those people who work excessively with eight apps and 37 Chrome tabs open at the same time. The app that you have opened will continue to run unless you manually pause it or close it.

Video by Chrome Unbox

Chrome OS 64 is currently available in the beta form only and you can try it out now. However, a stable build of the operating system is expected to be released soon.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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