Many teachers fail to engage students, HEC

Written by Raghad Ahmad ·  1 min read >

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) is currently conducting an international training session on Professional development for the educators of Pakistani institutions in order to improve the teaching standards and redefine professionalism.

The session is currently in session, it began on 8th January and will end on the 28th February. It is an 8 week-long conference and hopefully, it will prove to be fruitful.

Education has been changing rapidly over the years all over the world including Pakistan. Our country is used to cling to traditions and although effective in the past, new teaching methods need to be introduced and developed. In order to bring forth change in the education industry teachers need to be taught Professional development which is vital in order to bring about change and solve constraints.

Having a thorough and rich curriculum, latest equipment and books aren’t the most important thing anymore. In fact, it is void without a good teacher who can integrate curriculum and support students in developing new knowledge and skills. Hence, professional development needs to be just as important as the latest computers in the high tech labs.

HEC believes that many teachers fail to engage students in a constructive communication and are unable to build healthy and compassionate competition among students and their peers. Teachers are so focused on the book’s index and school’s curriculum that they fail the cultivate talent that cannot be taught by any manual.

Hence, HEC with the collaboration of Fatima Jinnah University has planned and organized an international conference in order to understand Professional Development in higher education to address the challenges and issues for developing and implementing dynamic, progressive, student-centered, constructive, technological and collaborative framework for PD by harnessing the experiences and intellectual input from national and international experts.

The conference will provide the perfect opportunity for educators, researcher, and academia to come up with a perfect framework for integrating different aspects of education into harmony and applying it to a classroom.

HEC hopes that this will turn our classrooms not just a place where the student learns but creates, develops and search for innovation outside the curriculum. Hopefully, this conference will help in bringing forth positive change in the National Education policy 2008 and reach its target because just discussing the issue of Professional development isn’t an option, it needs to be understood, changed and implemented for the sake of the next and current students going through the education system of Pakistan.