Mastercard discusses collaboration with PITB to explore digital payment solutions

Written by Ahsan Zafeer ·  44 sec read >
On Wednesday, the DG IT-operations for PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) discussed fintech opportunities in a meeting with Mastercard’s country manager for Pakistan, Atyab Tahir. The meeting involved detailed briefings relating to the fintech projects, and the benefits Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) services can bring.
According to the PITB, “Mastercard has shown keen interest in collaborating with PITB and lauded the digital fintech journey of PITB.” The project director, e-Pay Punjab Malik Ihsan Ali, gave a detailed briefing on fintech projects. The stakeholders also discussed the potential benefits of the Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) services.
The PITB officials also met Nadeem Haroon – country manager, China Union Pay, to discuss opportunities of a similar nature surrounding fintech. China Union Pay is another key stakeholder that has shown interest in collaborating with PITB.
The PITB has been actively working on several key measures relating to Fintech and its technology accelerator; PlanXis also hosted a Fintech conference last year in September. The focus on financial technology comes as part of the government’s vision to accelerate the development of financial technologies and revolutionize Pakistan’s digital payment systems that still lag behind the rest of the world.
Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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