Meet Amazon’s Best Kindle Yet!

Written by Maryam Dodhy ·  1 min read >

If anyone ever asks for your advice on which e-book reader to buy your answer should be, without a pause, Kindle. Over the years Kindle has made the reading experience a dream for book lovers. As someone who always preferred printed books over e-books, I have found the Amazon Kindle to be the closest to providing the experience of reading printed books.


In 2013 Kindle wowed its customers with the release of Kindle Paperwhite. They topped it in October 2014 when they released a newer and an even better version called Kindle Voyage. The Kindle Voyage is available in 2 models: the Wi-Fi one which costs $199 and the Wi-Fi/3G one which costs a whopping $269. This will allow users to download books even in a no Wi-Fi zone. However, the most attractive feature of this release and also what makes it better than Kindle Paperwhite is the screen resolution.Voyage works on 300 pixels per inch that makes the text clearer and crisper and gives the screen a much more refined look.

Another interesting addition is that of light sensors to the backlight that illuminates the screen. This allows the Kindle Voyage to have a better battery life by default which lasts weeks. The backlight automatically adjusts to the light of the reader’s surrounding area and then automatically reduces as the reader becomes more used to the light. This means fewer trips down to the local ophthalmologist! Kindle Voyage has also introduced a small button on the side which can be used to turn pages.

Many people may argue that reading a book on a tablet is similar to reading on a Kindle but I strongly disagree. Kindle has provided users with a proper reading experience without any distractions of social media notifications or text messages. Also, despite being a little costly, Kindle Voyage is Amazon’s most ergonomically correct device and certainly the best e-reader to date. So if you’re looking for a good reading experience, Kindle Voyage is certainly a good investment! You can easily buy it on Amazon. Happy reading!

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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