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Meet the core team and winners of naSCon

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  4 min read >
The event that kicked off on Friday Evening with Mushaira has finally reached an end. NaSCon team spent months and sleepless nights in order to make this it a success. The hard work and effort paid off and first international naSCon witnessed huge participation from all over the country. We conversed with the core team of naSCon to get to know about their experience working for an Intl event. Here is the recap.

JamJam Jehanzaib, President was indeed the power house behind the whole event. To lead and manage a huge team is a great task. Being a student of final year, with exams and final year projects approaching, he did quite a good job in everything. We took his five minutes to gain some insights on the events and his journey with naSCon so far. Jam was nostalgic, he pointed to the main gate and told The AppJuice: 

“I started as a volunteer, a security volunteer for naSCon and I can vividly remember standing at the entrance gate for more than 12 hours with my feet swollen, but emotions were too high and I was very happy to be a part of naSCon.”

The journey that started with being a security volunteer ended with being the President of naSCon Intl. It was hard work, patience and persistence that lead him to this presidency. Jam also said that he wanted to break the bounds, he saw ex-presidents enjoying a lot of protocol but he didn’t want that. Therefore, he stayed very humble and low profile throughout, and helped everyone during the three event days. Jam gave the credit to his whole team for the event’s success. He said, 
“The team has worked really very hard with me, we have spent days and nights working for the event, and we are happy that the upcoming student organizers are going to refer to this event as a reference point in the years to come”

MoazzamMohammad Moazzam was the Vice-President of naSCon. As Vice President, his task was to take care of all the major and minor matters, and looking over all the things that were happening under the umbrella of naSCon. Moazzam earned his position as the vice president after organizing a lot of events on the small scale. Moazzam had to compromise on his studies in order to work on this event, but he said his hard work has paid off and there has been quite a lot of learning. When we asked about organizing a mega event by collaborating with all International universities, he said that this is going to be ideal; but looking at everything geographically, this doesn’t seem possible. 

Adeel-Umer-MalikAdeel Omar was heading Information and Relations, his job was to cater all the requests that came from within the naSCon team and from all the people who are interested in participation. Yes, that’s the guy who responded to all the requests pertaining to naSCon. Adeel Omar’s phone was ringing all the time, day and night, even after 12am when most of the people were in bed, sleeping calmly. Adeel looked very excited about his new role. We asked if he was overwhelmed by the number of queries:
“I am enjoying every bit of it, I am not taking it as a job. It’s something I am very passionate about, and for sure I am going to take it next level by doing MBA after I graduate from here.”


Fahad Qazi headed the marketing of naSCon. Fahad did a tremendous job in gathering a lot of cool and unique sponsors for the event, and that too in a very short span of time. He looked very thrilled and excited, we asked him how difficult it was, and he said, “Yes It was difficult, yet I enjoyed my role very much. When you are the marketing head, a lot of things rely on you. You have to go out, meet people, inspire companies to sponsor the event, and urge the students to participate in it. I think I was quite honest with my work, and the result is in front of everyone. Due to huge marketing, we received a great number of participants.” 
Fahad believes that there are a lot of technical events happening in Pakistani universities now, and it would be great if all the universities worked together to arrange a mega international event for International audience. 

Syed Awn Raza headed the finance department, and since he is also studying finance, he thinks he was the right person for the job. Awn said that it was tough yet fulfilling, he learned a lot of lessons on how to organize events in a projected budget. He also audited everything, and managed the registrations. He mentioned that the budget allocation for different events and marketing was very well balanced. “This is why everyone is happy, and we haven’t faced any budget constraints or any financial problems for the event”. When we asked about his future plans, he told that his ultimate plan is to start his own business, but he wants to gain some experience before that. 

Osaaf Jamil was heading all the management events. Osaaf looked very thrilled and happy to be a part of naSCon. Being a student of Management at FAST, he believed that heading all of the competitions under management was a great learning experience. The things that he learned here can’t be learned in the industry, even after years. He also started his journey as a volunteer. Osaaf told us that working on the event has affected his studies; but after the event is over, he would be studying day and night to get good grades in the final semester!

Rameez Syed was heading all the EE events under the umbrella of naSCon. Rameez started his journey as a front desk volunteer. But his patience, persistence and faith enabled him to lead a whole new array of events for naSCon this year. 

And the winners of different competitions are:

Engineering Competitions

Circuit Mania:

E.H: Hassan Habeeb

Winner: IUIC Hawks

Runners up: IUIC Tigers


E.H: Ammar Sajid

Winner: Company IIUI

Runners up: Iqrian 1 Iqra Univeristy

Engineering Problem Solving:

E.H: Asad Mumtaz

Winner: Hammad Ur Rehman Iqrian Engineers Iqra University Islamabad

Runners up: 1. Hunters

Math Marathon:

E.H: Muhammad Asim

Winner: DRAW. Einents, EME NUST + Master Minds, FAST LAHORE

Runners up: Quaid Team, Quaid-e-Azam University

Battle of Bots:

E.H: Ahmed Saleem

Winner: Shockwave Unversity of Punjab

Runners up: Steel-x Fast Lahore

Robo Sprint:

E.H: Naveed Hussain

Lego Based Category

Winner: Sniffy EME NUST

Runners up: Bumblebee Headstart School

Logic Based Category

Winner: Lanthanides Air Univeristy

Runners up: Smart Hawk Comsats

Micro Controller Based Category

Winner: Shooter Air Univerity


Best Design Category

Winner: Lanthanides Air University

MATLAB Master Quest:

E.H: M Ahsan Khan

Winner: NT Quarks, IIUI

Runners up: Amijee Coders


E.H: Shaad Ahmed

Winner: Fuuastians, Federal Urdu University

Runners up: IUIC Engineers 3, Iqra University

Engineering Project Competition:

E.H: Rafu Ul Zaman

Winner: Siafullah  (Markerless Arm(FAST LAHORE))

Runners up: Muhammad Amir Malik (Hawk (IST))

Computer Science Competitions

Debug Police:

E.H: Kashan Danish

Winner: JIR CASE

Runners up: FAST 3 FAST PWR

Mobile App Development:

E.H: Ali Kareem Raja

Winner: BIIT (BIIT)

Runners up: Codex Iqra University

Poster Designing Competition:

E.H: Faizan Ahmed Soomra

Winner: The Slices FAST lahore

Runners up: Yahya Iqra University

Quiz Competition:

E.H: Nabeel Mahmood

Winner: Wild Pointers Private team

Runners up: BIIT (BIIT)

Software Project Competition:

E.H: Muhammad Abu Baker

Winner: The Furturistic Fast ISB

Runners up: Team NUML

Speed Programming:

E.H: Ibrar Arshad

Winner: Programmer’s 11 FAST KHI

Runners up: Mini Coders  CASE

Web Application Development:

E.H: Rashid Ahmed

Runners up: Webbers Comsats Wah

Business Competitions

Accounting Guru:

E.H: Farwa Malik

Winner: Hafza QAU

Runners up: Yasir Malik NBS

Ad Mad:

E.H: Sehrosh Gohar

Winner: Ahsan, LUMS

Runners up: Iqra Technolia

Business Plan Competition:

E.H: Khwaja Saad Sohail

Winner: DSSW engineering solutions FAST LHR

Runners up: LUMS team 2

Ideal Candidate:

E.H: Muhammad Hamza Ilahi

Winner: Mehras LUMS

Runners up: ZAIN Nust

Marketing Plan Competition:

E.H: Arsalan Ahmed

Winner: LUMS

Runners up: NUST

Editing by (Usman Younas)

Written by Fatima Rizwan
I cover startups and entrepreneurs for TechJuice. Email: fatima@techjuice.pk. Profile