Meet Nissan’s self-parking chairs for office meetings

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What comes after Self-Parking cars?

If self-parking cars are cool, then shouldn’t self-parking chairs be even cooler? Japanese car manufacturer Nissan thinks so too and it has invented some self-positioning chairs for your next office meeting.

The productivity-killer, as many people call those dreaded office meetings, are quite a bore and a dull task. Nobody looks forward to them and what’s even more irritating is that at the end of a meeting, those chairs are left sitting around in a completely unorganized manner that would kill any OCD-prone person from the inside. Kudos to Nissan, you can lighten up the mood by buying your employees some creepy new intelligent chairs on wheels.

Nissan equipped the meeting room with four cameras and can use them to direct each chair to its ultimate destination i.e. neatly arranged around the center table. They have even added some awesome human commands, like you can clap to let the chair know that you are ready to see their weird dance about the meeting room.


The tech is immensely cool(and twice as much creepy), but imagine if your boss likes a good laugh and is good with tweaking things. And you, you are just sitting in the chair at the far end of the table in a meeting, dozing off and suddenly, your boss decides to give all those sleepy-heads a ride around the meeting room with a clap of his hand. What’s not to dread about it? Or… you can do the same to your boss, but remember to trick someone you hate into clapping for the chair-signal.

Unfortunately, the chairs aren’t officially for sale and are just an example of what the company can do. So what’s next, Nissan? Self-serving tea please?

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