Microsoft to bring muted tabs and other features in new Windows 10 build

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Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update was released just a few weeks ago and it introduced a lot of new features including a more personalized Edge and new Microsoft design. Microsoft is already working on next major update for Windows and has already released the Insider Preview build for Windows Insiders, who want to try out new features before everyone else.

The new build will introduce muted tabs in Microsoft Edge. All of you must have been in a condition where you have opened a lot of tabs and suddenly one of the tabs starts to play audio for no reason. With the new feature, you’ll be able to mute that tab immediately. Google introduced muted tabs in Google Chrome more than a year ago and it should be one of the must-have features in any browser. Microsoft will finally bring this feature in Edge in the next update.


Along with the muted tabs, Microsoft also introduced a new feature called “Near Share” in Windows 10. This feature will let you share files between different Windows 10 PCs nearby. You just need to select a file and click on send to nearby PC option. Windows will automatically search the nearby PCs and you can select it to start transferring files immediately. However, you’ll first need to turn on the Near Share feature in Action Center. The feature relies on Bluetooth and you can even share URLs with it. To use the Near Share feature, both PCs must be running the latest Insider Preview build. Hopefully, this feature will soon enable you to share files between Windows, iOS, and Android as well.

As mentioned, all of these features are currently available in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build. The build may contain a lot of bugs, so only try it if you are comfortable with a few crashes and if your system hangs.

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