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Ministry of IT established a committee for 5G Spectrum auction

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

The test trails had completed for 5G spectrum by two tech giants in Pakistan that are Jazz and Zong. The information and technology ministry had decided to set a committee for auctioning 5G spectrum in Pakistan.

The committee is expected to be announced in the days to come. The committee will be run by the members of the IT ministry along with the representative of all four telecom giants in Pakistan. Besides, a representative from the Frequency Allocation Board will also join the team.

The aim behind creating the committee is to join heads and formulate a policy for auctioning the license for 5G. Besides that, the board will also discuss the 5G charges along with other issues that the spectrum could potentially face.
According to the IT minister of Pakistan Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Pakistan is marked among the few countries that have trial tested the 5G spectrum technology.

This test run had however created social media havoc among the users for both of the telecom companies. The trial for 5G was conducted in the jazz headquarter Islamabad. According to the company, the average obtained downloading speed was 1,452 Mbps along with and upload speed of 68 Mbps. As per the company, users will be able to place high definition video and audio calls with the help of 5G.

Aamir Ibrahim the active CEO of Jazz said that opting for 5G will help the company in evolving in terms of technology and meet with the needs of future customers.

He further said: “We are pleased with the early 5G trials and are ready to fast-track the technology across Pakistan, whenever the process gets initiated by the government. These trials showcase our commitment towards a digital Pakistan, which is why we have been the front –runners in deploying the latest mobile technology.”

With the permission of PTA, Jazz is all geared up to showcase its 5G potential for 20 days to the users in Islamabad’s certain areas. Only compatible devices will, however, be able to access the spectrum of 5G.

On the other hand during the trial run Zong was able to reach for 1.5 GB per second during its 5 GB video calling.

Wang Hu the active chairperson of Zong said in an interview: “We will be showcasing more technological advanced and groundbreaking use-cease to enable Pakistan to become one of the most digitally connected countries in the world.

Telenor another telecom company of Pakistan had submitted a test trail application to PTA. So, in the near future, the Norway based telecom operator will test the 5G internet band.