Mountain Dew is up to something big and we all are so curious!

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Lately, Mountain Dew is executing some thrilling and stirring activities for public and they seem like a potential cue to something mega.

We are seeing black and neon everywhere! If your news feed is anything like ours, you are probably just as curious about all the cool Mountain Dew helmets you are seeing. Everyone has one and we’re totally envious. Seems like the adventurous soda brand is gearing up for something EXTREME!

Here are some celebs sporting super cool helmets…

Lately, Mountain Dew has been pumping excitement and executing a bunch of adventurous activities with some interesting collaborations. They recently partnered up with Careem to bring the Cholistan Rally experience to the ride-hailing customers of Lahore. Customers were ecstatic and surprised, rightly so, to have an uber adventurous rally jeep ride picking them up as they navigate through the streets of Lahore and get dropped off in style. Mountain Dew recently released a video, and we wish we would have ordered a Careem that day!

Two months back, Islamabad also hosted the Mad Block Decent Party that brought together international music icons and provided an unparalleled entertainment experience to music enthusiasts of the city. The eclectic music celebrations ran till dawn with an entertaining lineup of international and local artists. It surely was an experience of a lifetime that brought all music fans together!
Here, Have a look at the electric crowd!

Mountain Dew has always prompted their customers to conquer their exciting challenges. They have always believed, the only fear needed to be defeated is fear itself. To reinforce the spirit of their brand, they set up activities at some popular shopping malls across the country and pushed people to challenge their fears in a thrilling Virtual Reality experience.
Check it out below!

Needless to say, after all these adventurous activities, we are super excited to see what else Mountain Dew has in store for us. They have been dropping all the hints already and we think it is a part of a BIGGER reveal. Known for its adrenaline pumping adventures, Mountain Dew is definitely bringing something thrilling and extreme! Oh, now we just want to score one of these cool black helmets, don’t you?

Are you just as excited, as we are? Share with us in comments, what you think Mountain Dew is up to!

Written by Ammara Saleem
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