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Must have Android Music Apps

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  4 min read >
SoundHound - Android-Music-Apps

Must have Android Music Apps

Music is a big part of our daily life. Almost 80% of people out there listen to music everyday directly or indirectly. One of the best features of mobile phones is their music playing ability; these days smartphones are more like efficient music players with the capacity to store thousands of songs and high quality videos.

Google Play Store has a separate category Music and Audio where you can get all the applications that are related to music. I am a complete music addict; I listen to music at least 4 to 5 hours daily. So this category is my all-time favorite. Even if you don’t listen to music that much, still do download these applications because what I am suggesting is not the typical music playing clients but a whole lot of different applications that are some way under the music category.

SoundCloud - Android-Music-Apps


SoundCloud is basically a social sound platform. You can listen to free music on-the-go with this beautiful music application. The application is used by millions of users; you will get very good music content from Musicians, bands, producers and audio creators here. Even if you love to sing and have a good voice (bathroom singers too); you can upload your own cover songs to share with the world. : )

I have even used this app on Mobile Data – the application is very light weight and the sounds load very quickly without eating too much of your data. If you are using a good data-plan then you don’t need to worry about the money. This application doesn’t consume much of the data and you are all safe.

The best thing about the application is it lets you stream music for free. There are absolutely no subscription or hidden charges for the users. It is also free to download and has no ads in it.

For all those who are wondering if they can download the Songs they like. YES! There is a separate app that can help you download the music from SoundCloud. The downloading process is simple – Just download this app Downloader for SoundCloud and you will understand the procedure.

Download: http://bit.ly/12dpY1G

Saavn - Android-Music-Apps


Well, I am a big fan of Bollywood Music since my childhood I have been listening to Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Kumar Sanu and now these days Shreya Ghoshal, Rekha Bhardawaj are at the top of my lists.

If you too love Hindi, Bollywood music then this is a very good application to have. Like SoundCloud, this is also a music Streaming application. You can search from Old Classics to latest Bollywood songs here. Saavn brags a database of over 1 Million Songs. I have used this application intensively and it has never disappointed me.

One thing a bit annoying for me is that some of the songs are available on the web version of the application but are not available for Mobile. This is a serious issue and Saavn team should look into it.
At the time of writing the article I got the updated version of Saavn and I must say I am truly impressed.

The recent update has revamped the whole User Interface. It’s totally flat, clean and sleek. Saavn has also introduced Saavn Pro. Saavn Pro is ad free, for 3.99$/month you get 3Gb of storage on up to 5 devices and you can cache (download) the songs to listen to them offline on-the-go.

There are other options as well for listening to Bollywood music but I would recommend this app because of its good library and best UI.

Download: http://bit.ly/12YePDR

Songify - Android-Music-Apps


Songify is a fun app that converts your speech into a music automatically. You just have to speak into your Android Device and bamm!! It’s converted into a song. This is a really awesome application and a very good time pass.

I am amazed at the capabilities of this application, I can show off to my friends how much a cool singer I am. 😀 The application is totally free and to-the-point. There is a library of song tunes that you can convert your sound too.

Some of the tunes are free and some requires you to buy some coins in order to get that tune. If you are not that crazy about this app  – Just don’t buy the coins. : )

There is another app by the same company Smule called ‘AutoRap‘ that’s a nice application. It converts your speech into a rap song. If you’re a wanna-be rapper download this app and rock-on!

Download: http://bit.ly/12dpLLK

doubleTwist - Android-Music-Apps


doubleTwist is a music player, Yes I know your phone is already bundled with your manufacturer’s music players. But I found them restricting, annoying and relatively very slow.

doubleTwist is a simple app, the feature that I love the most about it is the automatic playlists that are formed as you listen to music. ‘Most Played’ playlist is a big relief because I get all the songs I listen to the most in one place – time saving ahan!

doubleTwist also comes with Magic Radio (not a free service). It offers you a personalized streaming service that seamlessly blends music from your music library with new music uniquely tailored to your musical taste from a catalog of over 13 million songs.

Download: http://bit.ly/14iEgRI

SoundWave - Android-Music-Apps


Soundwave is a music discovery app that tracks what you are listening to on your regular music players and streaming music applications like Spotify and Rdio. It tracks and displays the music you are listening to on a beautiful news feed. You can also check out what your family and friends are listening to.

It’s more like a location based social network of music with this app you can check out what music is being played anywhere in the world. Just open the application and mark any area in the map, you will instantly get to see what music is being played there. This is a nice music discovery app I love the concept and idea behind the app. Look very promising and unique.

Download: http://bit.ly/14iEd8G

SoundHound - Android-Music-Apps


SoundHound is intelligent music recognition software. With the click of a button you can get to know what song is being played on. If you are on the mall, travelling in the bus, on a music concert or anywhere else and want to know what music is playing, just take help of this application.

The application NEVER fails – I have tried it everywhere and I am always astonished with the accurate and quick results. This application is a must have in your Mobile phone.

Hound is another app by this company that lets you speak and search for the songs. You can name the band or song to get instant results. You should try this app too.

Download: http://bit.ly/14iDMeq

Are there any apps that should be included in the list? Please mention in the comments below – we will add.

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