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New details of NetSol’s technology incubator surface in LUMS hackathon

Avatar Written by Fatima Rizwan · 1 min read>

A few months ago, TechJuice did a conversation with the Founder and CEO of NetSol Pakistan, Salim Ghauri, to get to know what’s happening behind the scenes. Salim mentioned that his team is working on an incubator which is due launch mid to end of this year.

Although, Salim remained super secretive with us at the time, but the cat is out of the bag, it appears like the incubation facility is going to see the light of day really soon. Throw-a-thon is a hackathon happening at LUMS starting from today, NetSol is one of the prime sponsors of the event. Why? Because NetSol wants to attract the top-notch entrepreneurs for its program. If we closely look at the competition page, we can see that one of the perks of participation is getting a chance to get incubation at Nspire (yep! that’s the name) by NetSol. In case you are wondering, what will the logo be like then, ladies and gentlemen, here is the logo for your viewing pleasure.

We digged deeper and got to know that this might be the future link for applying to this program. When will the incubator launch, we are not sure of that yet, but hackathon can be a great platform to launch and make the details official. TechJuice reporters will be at the venue of the Hackathon and we will try to get an official word on launch date and further details.

Lately, we have seen a massive interest in incubators by the local entrepreneurs. There can be two reasons for that; one, it’s a great way of giving back to the country by supporting the upcoming crop of entrepreneurs, and secondly, incubators have a straightforward business model, in which, a small chunk of equity is taken to support and mentor the startups, why wouldn’t someone want to have a small chunk in the future billion dollar (if exaggerated read million) startups of Pakistan?

What do you think about Nspire by NetSol? Do you think it will be able to take on Plan9 and LUMS LCE? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Fatima Rizwan
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