New iPhone SE 2 rumoured to come out in early 2020

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Apple launched the iPhone SE back in 2016, to great acclaim and quite decent sales figures. Now, there are rumours that a new iPhone SE is in the pipeline at Apple, and it is expected to arrive in early 2020. This all comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, via 9to5Mac. A similar claim was also made in a report from Nikkei, further confirming this news.

According to these sources, the SE 2 is supposed to look like the iPhone 8 series, but it will be comparable in performance to the newly launched iPhone 11. It goes without saying that the SE 2 will undercut the iPhone 11 in price by quite a big margin. This is great news for any Apple fans that are on a tight budget and can’t afford to splash $700 (around Rs. 1,10,000 at the current exchange rate) on a new phone.

Although the iPhone SE 2 will look a little dated in experience, it is rumoured that it will contain the best hardware Apple has to offer as of now. This includes the all-new A13 processor found in the iPhone 11 and 3GB of RAM. It is supposed to retain the Touch ID found in the iPhone 8, so it is unknown whether it will have support for Face ID, Apple’s primary unlocking system for the iPhone right now. The SE 2 is expected to have the same camera configuration as the iPhone 8 and will feature the conventional rectangular screen with bezels, instead of the notch found on later models of the iPhone. Of course, the SE 2 will be running Apple’s latest iOS 13.

The main draw for the first SE was its amazing value and a bargain price of $399. It remains to be seen whether the SE 2 will be able to match that. It is expected to be cheaper than the current line of iPhone’s but let’s see how great of a deal it really is when it comes out.

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