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New Technology Makes It Possible for Flood Affected Areas to Have Drinking Water

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The Government of Pakistan and all its relevant authorities on Sunday 25th September were urged to invest in small water purification units that can easily convert flood water into pure drinking water thus allowing them to provide fresh water to the flood affectees while also reducing the diseases that are spread by stagnant water.

Built by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), these flood water filter plants are cost-effective, small, moveable and can easily be used by the flood affectees themselves thus making them a great choice at this point in time.

With floods overtaking 1/3 of the country, PCRWR very intelligently developed water filters that are easy to operate and can be distributed in each union council, which can then further distribute the purification plants toTechnology its residents.

Since the flood-affected areas are deprived of any electricity for months, the flood water filters are powered using solar panels and the water is pumped and pushed mechanically. Each purification filter has a solar panel plate of almost 280watts, this plate provides the power to filter out harmful particles such as turbidity, mud, microbes, E Coli and bacteria.

Each water purifier contains 3 different filters, each serving a different purpose and capacity to remove dirt and bacteria from the flood water.

One of the most important features of the flood water purifier is the amount of water it filters, solar based filters have a higher capacity and can easily purify 1,500 liters of floodwater per hour, on the other hand, the manual filter can purify 1,200 liters of contaminated water per hour.

The price for a solar-based water filter is around 3 lacs while a manual filter costs 1 lac rupees, once bought and distributed, these filters can provide a lot of help to flood victims surrounded by massive amounts of contaminated flood water.

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