NITB automates NGOs registration process through an online portal

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National Information Technology Board has created an Economic Affairs Division portal for automating processes and database management of the ministry.

Over the past year, several initiatives have been taken by the National IT Board for the digital transformation of processes within the country. They are also managing a central COVID-19 tracking portal for the entire country with regular updates of the confirmed cases and new cases.

The website has a simple layout though and it is not mobile responsive. It seems like that the site is hosted on a custom CMS but it highlights various initiatives and campaigns conducted by the Economic Affairs Division. The website also hosts the regular events that occur and gives an insight regarding the work processes of the ministry.

Given below is the tweet by the NITB:

A sample MoU is given on the website which NGO representatives can download and fill to register with the EAD. There is also a basic information performa which NGOs need to fill out and other guidelines to register themselves with the ministry. The website has a list of NGOs who are registered with the government, which is good for the citizens so that they can donate to those organizations which are operating legally.

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