NPO is initiating online training sessions

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

National Productivity Organization or NPO in Pakistan has started its training sessions online. The aim behind the session is to boost innovation and building professionals with the top-notch entrepreneur skillsets. NPO is workings with a Tokyo based institute known as Asian Productivity Organization collaboratively.

According to Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry, the CEO of National Productivity Organization online services are of extreme help as the country is going through an extreme outbreak of COVID-19. He also claimed that the pandemic has affected the system severely. With the online sessions, NPO can train professionals both safe and sound as the individuals will not be obliged to leave their house.

On the other hand, the Asian Productivity organization is playing its role in transforming the economy by offering courses on the smart transformation of the agriculture, industry, and public service sectors development.

The NPO CEO gave a big round of applause to the members of NPO, the AO team, and the stakeholders such as Pakistan Engineering Council and Fatima Jinnah Women’s University. Together they have organized a program known as” Knowledge Management” that would multiply the knowledge delivered by the expert from the UK known as Ron Young.

Alamgir further said that with the collaboration of the stakeholders and APO, the organization will soon release some crucial training topics for which 224 participants belonging to academia, industrial, governmental and private section will participate and get benefit from.

The relentless effort of the National Productivity Organization of Pakistan was much appreciated by Arsyoni Buana the program officer and the Member of country Service Division Directorate Japan. He also said that APO is looking forward to promising online courses from APO that would mold the future minds and give them a higher number of skill sets via a vast range of online long and short courses.NPO-