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OnePlus Co-Founder Hints at OnePlus 2 Pricing

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OnePlus took all other smartphone makers by surprise and disrupted their strategies by introducing its flagship-killer OnePlus One smartphone last year. The OnePlus One received tremendous traction and became the most favorite phone of smartphone enthusiasts around the world, including Pakistan after the Google Nexus line of phones.

A few months ago, OnePlus confirmed it would launch the successor of OnePlus One dubbed as OnePlus 2 in Q3 of 2015 along with a phone for the highly lucrative budget phone market through a Reddit AMA.

Recently, Carl Pei – the co-founder of OnePlus – sent out a tweet to his followers asking if they launch OnePlus 2 with a Snapdragon 810 how much should they charge for it.

When someone mentioned they should charge about $400 for the phone, Pei replied it sounds reasonable, hinting that we may be able to get our hands on the upcoming OnePlus 2 for around $400.

Currently, the OnePlus One starts at $300 for the 16GB variant. Until last month, an invite was needed to buy the OnePlus One, but on the occasion of completing its one year selling the OPO, the startup removed the restriction and allowed everyone to buy the phone without an invite.

Other details about the phone are not yet revealed. Although we know the phone will run Oxygen OS instead of Cyanogen OS (formerly CyanogenMod ROM) on the Snapdragon 810 chipset and it will be available in the third-quarter of this year through an invite system starting at a price of around $400. Also, it will be accompanied by its younger sibling.

So, what are your expectations from the OnePlus 2 and what do you think about the $100 increase in the base price?

Written by Fahad Ullah
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