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OnePlus Concept One brings disappearing camera

Avatar Written by Faisal Ashfaq ·  1 min read >

OnePlus has partnered with McLaren to introduce a concept phone with the co-branding of McLaren on it. The most prominent feature of this concept device is the camera that has an electrochromic glass on the rear cameras setup.

The device itself resembles a lot with the OnePlus 7T Pro and it has all the specs and placements similar to it. But this concept phone comes with a leather back in Papaya Orange color and has an electrochromic glass on the cameras. This glass is using similar technology that McLaren has already used it in its car for the making of its sunroofs. That is why OnePlus has partnered with them to bring this new technology to smartphones.

Now OnePlus has claimed that the electrochromic glass panel that they have used in its concept device is only 0.35 mm thick and it can go from opaque to transparent in only 0.7 secs which makes it the thinnest and the fastest electrochromic glass ever. This glass also helps in shooting pictures and making a video in bright lights. It can work as a filter that can help to avoid pictures and videos to get blown out with bright light.


There are chances that this concept device might never get to the market for the consumers. Because OnePlus has been working on this technology for the past 18 months already and they still need to further testing before that even think about introducing it into the market. But if we look closely, this technology could be a game-changer in the near future when there will be five, six or seven cameras at the back and to hide all of them and for maintaining the look of the device companies might want to adopt this technology.

Image source: The Verge