Only 14% of co-founders at the incubator are women: Plan9

Written by Asra Rizwan ·  50 sec read >

The recently revealed statistics by Plan9, PlanX, and TechHub Connect raise an alarm for women participation in entrepreneurial activities. The numbers tell that only 14% out of over 100 idea stage startups are run by female co-founders at Plan9. When it comes to the accelerator program, PlanX has only 4 companies out of 24 that have been founded by women. The freelancing space, TechHub Connect sadly has only 10 females out of 500 freelancers!

Ironically the team at these entrepreneurial spaces are predominantly lead by females. Therefore, it is a matter of great concern and it needs to be investigated to know what is holding back women to take the path of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Therefore, the women leadership at Plan9, PlanX and TechHub Connect is launching a campaign Herself to reach out to women and encourage them to actively participate in entrepreneurial and leadership activities. To transform the next batch for these programs with increased female participation, a focused group discussion was recently held by the Herself team. At the discussion, Komal Chaudhry CEO imanagers suggested educating women about technology. She said: “We need to self-educate and teach our women to think binary.”

The campaign has also launched a survey to learn about the needs of women who want to take up leadership roles. If you are women who believes in entrepreneurial girl power and supports women in tech, your input will help better shape the efforts of Herself team.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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