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Over 12 million internet users in Pakistan use Adblock, Report

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About 32% internet users in Pakistan are actively using adblocks.

Pagefair has published “Adblock Report” recently which shows combined adblock statistics of mobile and desktop devices worldwide. The mobile adblock usage is rapidly growing in Asia and it is expected to spread to North America and Europe soon.

Adblock software is a protection against ads that intrude on security, invade privacy, interrupt user experience, slow pages, and expend bandwidth.

The report shows that 2% internet users in Pakistan use adblock on the desktop and 32% (more than 12 million) use it on Mobile. (July 2015-December 2016).

The key findings also state that men are 34% more likely than women to use adblock software on desktop and laptop computers.

Why people use Adblock?

Adblock Walls

Many publishers rely on Google’s AdSense to earn money and their revenue suffers if users have adblocks. For this reason, web hosts use Adblock Walls which do not let you view the websites unless you turn the adblocks off. According to Pagefair, 74% users leave the website when faced with such walls as they do not want any interruptions while browsing.

Though interruptive ad formats cause user frustration, the non-interruptive formats, such as static banner ads, are broadly accepted. Users even turn off their ad blockers for such ads and websites.

PageFair is the leading global authority on adblock and has published the most widely-cited reports on the topic over the last four years.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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