Pakistan Cybercrime Laws: Severe Punishment Against Unauthorized Interception Of Data

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Did you know that cybercrime laws exists in Pakistan? The cybercrime laws permits you to file report against email hacking, fake accounts on social media, online fund transfer fraud and defamation on social media. Moreover, the Prevention of Electronics Crimes Act 2014 has proposed 5 years imprisonment and Rs. 50 million fine on unauthorized interception of data through technical means.

National Response Center for Cyber Crimes (NR3C) was established under Federal Investigation Agency to deal with such types of Crimes. You can file your complaint either through email to NR3C or even to your nearest police station.

NR3C will be a single point of contact for all local and foreign organizations on all matters related to cybercrimes. The response center is also providing trainings and related information system security education to government/semi-government and private sector organizations. It is building up connections with international organizations to work against online internet frauds, email threats, plastic money frauds and other financial crimes.

The proposed cybercrime investigation model includes waterfall activities but during investigation any activity may result in unforeseen circumstances. Following is the sequence of activities for the investigation of any cybercrime

    • Crime Reported
    • Authorization
    • Planning
    • Notification
    • Search warrant and search for identity evidence
    • Collection of evidence
    • Transport of evidence
    • Storage of evidence
    • Examination of evidence
    • Hypothesis
    • Presentation of hypothesis
    • Proof/Defense of hypothesis
    • Dissemination of information (Court of Law)

Future objective for NR3C is to monitor global security issues once it builds local capabilities in incident handling and security intelligence.

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