Pakistan has better mobile internet download speed than India as per Ookla

Written by AbuBakar ·  52 sec read >

Global Speed-Test Index by Ookla released the report on the world internet download speed, in which they revealed that Pakistan has left India behind in the internet speed test category. Pakistan is ranked at 116th whereas India is way behind sitting on the 130th position, North Korea became No 1 country according to the report.

Ookla owns which happens to be one of the largest sites around the world when it comes for internet speed testing. The company recently held a research in which it tested mobile and broadband internet speed in different countries. South Korea leads the chart with the average download speed of 97.44 Mbps, followed by Australia with 63.34 Mbps, Qatar with 61.72 Mbps, UAE with 61.24 Mbps and Norway with 60.90 Mbps.

Ookla releases such reports every month on the bases of data collected from all around the world. Pakistan has ranked ahead with an average mobile internet speed of 13.55 Mbps whereas India has an average of 10.63 Mbps download speed. However, Pakistan failed to beat India in broadband internet download speed with the average speed of 9.02 Mbps against the 30.74 Mbps, which is indeed a massive difference.

This is not the first time Pakistan has defeated India in mobile internet speed. In 2017, according to the Ookla again, Pakistan ranked 89 while India came at 109th position. Telecom companies in Pakistan have provided fairly good download rates and one of our top operators’ Jazz has won many Pakistan’s fastest mobile network speed test awards from Ookla.