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Facebook has launched its new dating app “Facebook Dating”

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

The most anticipated application is finally launched as Facebook made its new dating app “Facebook Dating” available for United States and 19 other countries.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zukerberg made it public a year ago, that they are testing a new dating app in the Facebook headquarter. An app researcher, Jane Manchun shared some screen shots of the application’s internal test with the audience in a tweet.

Facebook revealed different features of the application from last year after the test run launch in Columbia. One of the most exciting features is Secret Crush which was announced at the 2019 Facebook Developer Conference. This feature allows you to add nine Facebook friends in a secret crush list, when one of those crushes also add you in the crush list then you both would be notified.

Facebook Dating is only available for users above the age of 18 or older and it will appear as a tab in the Facebook mobile application. People interested in it, would have to make a separate profile from their current Facebook account and matches would be based on the preferences you mention in your profile.

Profile setup requires your area, age, height or religious preferences, which is just like Tinder but unlike Tinder you will be allowed to revisit the profile to make changes. Matches can be made with anyone who uses the Facebook Dating App. The Secret Crush feature lets you see your Facebook friends and you can add them in your secret crush list.

The privacy settings are quite advanced. It lets you comment on someone’s picture if you aren’t matched with them, but at the same time to ensure the privacy, Facebook allows the users to report any person to prevent cyber harassment. The application also allows you to block a profile if you never want to hear from someone again.

Facebook has announced that soon you’ll be able to share your Facebook and Instagram stories in the dating app.