Pakistani Entrepreneur: Expectations Vs Reality

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The Pakistani Entrepreneur 6

TechJuice has reviewed several startups and conducted interviews of all kinds of entrepreneurs in Pakistan. We observed the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country in great detail while attending and organizing events or taking the input from critics and experts. We could not help but notice certain issues which have always been the forefront of any discussion; sometimes spoken with a serious tone and sometimes shrugged off as an inside joke. Today, we have visualized these issues adding a sadistic and hilarious touch to them. We hope you would agree with these images as much as we do. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Your idea is always a breakthrough for you and your best friend. Wait till an investor crashes the party!

The Pakistani Entrepreneur 1

The Pakistani Entrepreneur 5

Shattered dreams of being an overnight millionaire!

The Pakistani Entrepreneur 2

Sorry! We give offices to mature (Read: “old and boring”) people!

The Pakistani Entrepreneur 3

The Pakistani Entrepreneur 8

Even If You Can Pay More, Use “The Startup” card as long as it is possible. :p

No hopes and dreams of settling down with a human being, perhaps a business has a greater chance!

The Pakistani Entrepreneur 6 (1)

It’s a long road, buddy! Hang in there! 🙂

The Pakistani Entrepreneur 7

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