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Pakistani platform partners with Palestinian startup to render medical help to Palestinian families

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Educast, a Pakistan-Saudi virtual health platform, has joined hands with the Palestinian Young Explorer startup to provide medical care through e-doctors to mothers and children in need of medical aid in Al-Quds, Gaza, and the West Bank, the two companies announced this week.

Under the collaboration, Educast will offer the services of more than 100 women doctors living in North America, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan to Palestinian families, including 20,000 women.

Educast is a virtual education platform that runs the eDoctor project, launched in 2019. The program retrains hundreds of Pakistani women doctors who could not join the profession due to family pressure or who stopped practicing when they married or moved abroad.

Post-training, Educast virtually connects doctors with women patients around the world.

“Educast is bringing over 150 Pakistani licensed women doctors from 12 countries for teleconsulting and remote healthcare diagnostic and mental health counseling to women and children under attack,” Abdullah Butt, the platform’s CEO, told Arab News.

“Palestine’s Young Explorer organization will funnel our services through its system and redirect it to about 20,000 women using its platform, who will be able to receive video-based consultation from Pakistani e-doctors,” he said.

Educast has previously provided similar services in Yemen, where it helped establish the warn-torn country’s first-ever Tele Center.

Source: Arab News

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