Pakistani Youngster comes second in NASA Contest

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A student of O levels in Pakistan, Shah Mir Aizaz, has won the second prize in an annual design international contest held by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

NASA Ames Space Design Contest is an annual design contest for students of grades 6-12 and is open for anyone aged 11-18. The contest promotes learning about science and teamwork among young students while working on projects to develop space settlement designs. Students from all over the world submit a report about their designs to NASA Ames (a research center under NASA) and then these reports are judged by aerospace professionals. Shah Mir Aizaz submitted a report titled “Beyond Infinity – Eros Outer Atmosphere Settlement” and won second prize in the Grade 10 category as an individual.

Students can compete in this contest as individuals, teams of six students or less, or teams of seven students or more. Aizaz took part in this as an individual. There were a total of 994 submissions this year, from 3,007 students overall.

Pakistani students have been on a roll lately. Every week or so, we hear about some little prodigy making our nation proud for winning prizes at international contests. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news of these young geniuses, there was this six-year-old who became the youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) ever and then there is Sumail Hasan, the legend of e-gaming these days. To top that off, just a couple of days back, another Pakistani student won a bronze medal at Microsoft’s Office Championship.

Source – NASA Settlement

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