Pakistanis are expressing extreme rage over Patari supporting alleged harasser Ali Zafar

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July 5, 2018
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Well, looks like Patari is in serious trouble now.

The musical startup has been making headlines for quite some days now, for all the wrong reasons. First,
their founder was embroiled in a sexual harassment claim, then the core team resigned and the investor came in to rescue the startup as the interim CEO.

To add fuel to the fire, just yesterday, someone working at Patari shared screenshots of conversation which clearly indicated that Ali Zafar allegedly is trying to manipulate the music streaming platform to discount the efforts of Meesha Shafi’s brother, Faris Shafi’s work. It must be noted here that Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi are fighting a legal battle on claims of Meesha that Ali sexually harassed her on multiple occasions. Ali Zafar had allegedly asked to change the placement of Faris Shafi’s song from Patari’s top new releases to which Patari easily obliged.

Pakistanis took no time to act outrageously on Twitter. Here are some of the tweets that show how pissed they really felt at this incident. In fact, a hastag ‘#deletePatari’ picked up very soon too.

1.Well, here, people are sharing the screenshots of the conversation.

2.People feel Ali Zafar is getting exposed on his own

3. Irfan Junejo is all set to delete the music streaming app and get his latest Podcast removed Patari.

4.Pakistanis being called out for their mentality.

5.The popular social media celebrity, Mahwash Ajaz shares recipe of successfully ruining a startup.

6.People feel that Patari just fired a harasser and hired another one.

7.People have started giving bad reviews to Patari on App store and Facebook.

8.People feel the fault lies in ourselves.

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