Pakistanis rush to Twitter to boycott dollar

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Pakistanis are boycotting the US currency, on social media at least.

The US dollar has recently touched Rs. 153.50 in the open market with the rupee falling each day according to the latest exchange rates, as reported by Dawn. The continued slope of the Pakistani currency has hastened as it faced a decline of over 5% last week in the wake of a $6 billion loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

To control the economy to an extent, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has ordered action against dealers and companies selling American dollars at higher rates. Meanwhile, Pakistanis have also started a social media campaign against dollar hoarders and the US hypocrisy. During the last couple of days, Pakistanis took to Twitter by storm to boycott the US currency and here we have gathered some of the worth reading tweets.

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Minister of State for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul Wazir has discussed the recent course of events where the US banned Huawei and how Chinese are reacting to it. She said Pakistanis should take learning from this.

Another former representative of PTI’s social media wing in Sindh has urged Pakistanis to support the campaign against dollar hoarders.

Some people are even motivating others to burn dollars just like the stunts carried out in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the famous Islamic cleric Mufti Taqi Usmani has said that in this critical situation in the country those people who are hoarding dollars are cursed by Allah.

Though some people called it a disgusting piece of advice.

Some people are of the view that dollar hoarders are traitors.

Some patriots are also urging people to boycott all US products.

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