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This is how Twitter is reacting to dollar price hike in Pakistan

Avatar Written by Faisal Ashfaq · 1 min read>
Increase in Dollar rate in Pakistan

Today, it’s the darkest day of Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistani rupee plunges to the record lowest level in the open market. After finalizing a deal with IMF lately it has allowed the open market to regulate the exchange rate. As of today, the dollar has reached its all-time high of Rs.150. The increase in the dollar price has seriously affected the stock market rates. The stock market has once again plunged into the red zone as the Pakistani rupee depreciation has forced the index by almost 700 points yesterday.

The current market is witnessing a drastic shortage of dollar lately. The currency dealer and masses are really unpleased over the undisclosed terms agreed between the government and IMF. Apart from all this, there has also been an outrage on social media platforms. Some are questioning the action plan of the government while others are criticizing the IMF terms they have agreed upon.

So true and so right, as Pakistan has a great potential for growth in the technology sector and startups.

We all know what’s happening because it’s more like a routine thing now.

There are some serious concerns here because it’s causing a panic in the open market. People are investing aggressively in the dollar as hoping to earn higher profits and that is causing a further devaluation of Pakistani rupee.

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And then there is also a lighter side of this story. There are actually people who are quite happy about all this happening.

And making fun of politicians is no exception here.

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