People were asked what the Internet looks like, they came up with the most hilarious drawings!

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What do you think the Internet looks like?

Being digital citizens, we spend most part of our lives hooked to our laptops or mobile devices. So you probably know what the Internet is. But have you ever questioned, or pictured, what it looks like? Summit Hosting, a Cloud solutions company, conducted a very interesting survey where they asked 100 American citizens to draw what they think the Internet, the Cloud, and a Virus looks like. To say that their drawings were entertaining would be an understatement.

The Internet

According to a recent Global Digital Snapshot report, 3.8 billion people are connected to the Internet and about 3.02 billion of those are active social media users. However, according to survey results, 51% of the people think the Internet’s main purpose is to stay connected while 45% think it helps us stay informed. But when asked to draw the Internet, these people envisioned the Internet in the most hilarious way possible.

Google == Internet?

Some drew a complex connectivity network.

This version of the Internet looks like the inside of a drawer we all have at home but no one opens.

Here are some other hilarious entries:

The Cloud

Next, on the survey, people were asked to draw what they think the Cloud looks like. Now a cloud is essentially a set of computers and servers called ‘ the cloud’ because it is decentralized. The most common example of an app that uses the Cloud would be Google Drive. However, when people were asked what they think the cloud looks like, you can imagine what most of them drew. A cloud. Literally.



Internet Infections

Interestingly, the survey segregated the results of the ‘Virus drawings’ into two camps – techies and non-techies. While the drawings were very diverse, the colors red and black were the most common.

Here’s what the techies thought a virus looks like:



The drawings by non-techies were even more hilarious.

[News & Image Source Summit Hosting, BSO Multimedia]

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