Researchers can now detect viruses using special smartphones

Researchers have found a new way to detect viruses rapidly with high accuracy using smartphones. In their paper titled...

Dec 18 · >

Islamabad High Court warned the government officials about the malware threat.

IHC has alerted its branches about a potent malicious virus known as Ransomware. The threat can easily hack the...

Dec 31 · >

WhatsApp new flaw helps hackers in breaching data

A researcher has discovered a flaw in WhatsApp which is allowing hackers to breach the privacy of users and...

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Oct 4 · >

People were asked what the Internet looks like, they came up with the most hilarious drawings!

What do you think the Internet looks like? Being digital citizens, we spend most part of our lives hooked...

Sep 23 · >

WannaCry hits Honda’s production line

Amidst global ransomware cyber attack, this time WannaCry has hit one of Japan’s leading car manufacturing company in the...

Jun 22 · >