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Peshawar 2.0 unveils Revolt, a unique Startup Factory for KPK

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  1 min read >

Peshawar2.0, a social enterprise based out of Peshawar, has today officially announced its much hyped and anticipated program Revolt. Revolt is going to be an intensive 3 months training program with a curriculum specially designed for up and coming startup founders to help them take their ideas to the next level.

One distinguishing fact of the program is it’s management team — the team has prior experience of running their own ventures. Which means that these entrepreneurs will be able to impart their life-long experiences to the enrolled candidates. The parent organization, Peshawar2.0, has created huge interest of local and international organizations in the thriving digital and startup ecosystem of the province.

Their annual event Digital Youth Summit can be considered as the most thought out and well organized event of Pakistan. This event gathered thousands of participants and hundreds of local and international entrepreneurs. This year’s Digital Youth Summit was also special because “Messiah” – startup from the same province was funded on the same event.

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Another project, Basecamp, is a coworking space for freelancers, students and startup founders where they can get the space to work, meet and mingle with the other residents of the program. Keeping in view the recent projects and interest of the cofounders, this launch was much expected.

Coming back to Revolt, the program is strictly residential and run by partners – Muhammad Uzair, Faisal Khan, and Salman Ahmad. When asked about the name, Muhammad Uzair, Co-founder at Peshawar 2.0, said ‘we are challenging the incumbent definition of business incubation at our universities and outside alike. Startups do not need free space and Internet connections. They need mentors they can really look up to and get help from’.

‘We are cooking an organic ecosystem here. Its local talent, local ideas, local investors coming together to target local problems with homegrown startups’ said Dr Faisal Khan, Co-founder and CEO, Peshawar 2.0. . The programme has more than 30 investors lined up for investment into startups through collaboration with the KP Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the KP IT Board and the World Bank.

The event started off with a recap of the community building activities undertaken by Peshawar 2.0, which included awareness and social events to evangelize the concept of starting your own business, training programmes to skill up the youth with the latest needs of the market, supporting freelancing and civic innovation in the province and the annual Digital Youth Summit which has brought together the technology community in Pakistan and abroad together and has already put Peshawar on the global technology and startup map.

The event was attended by leading technologists, designers, founders, government officials, investors and the creative folk and ended with a networking session.

Written by Fatima Rizwan
I cover startups and entrepreneurs for TechJuice. Email: fatima@techjuice.pk. Profile