Pictures of this solar-powered night school in Pakistan are here to brighten up your Monday

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Having a slow and rough Monday? Same was our case until we came across these electrifying photos of Pakistan’s first ever solar night school.

The Slum School is located in Faisalabad with a sole purpose to educate kids residing in slums along with empowering them with digital literacy. Energy generated through solar panels is responsible for powering this little school’s lights and fans.

The school started off back in 2016 and since that time, the school is educating 100 dedicated and highly charged kids who are managing to work in the day and then study at night. The founder of the school, Rohayl Varind tells in his Slum School’s blog post that his school starts after the sun sets as he wants the kids to get back from work and then come to study at school. Books, bags, and food are provided to the kids for free.

Slum School does not take any cash donations but prefers that interested people buy a board and start teaching underprivileged kids nearby.

Having 23 million kids out of school throughout the country, we need such powerful initiatives to bring Pakistan from the darkness of illiteracy to light of awareness, education, and positivity.

Here, have a look at the pictures that will leave your spirits high and will restore your faith in humanity:


Written by Ammara Saleem
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