Plan9 Opens Applications for Launchpad 15!

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Launchpad 15 is back for modern innovation, business competitiveness, and economic performance. 

COVID19 has affected every one of us in many ways. We are now trying to adjust to the ‘new normal’. Launchpad 15 is bringing an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to apply with their fresh tech startup ideas to launch products and services that improves our living condition during Corona. 

There are few advantages of starting a new tech business – Firstly, major businesses have taken a fall and new startups have this opportunity to take the market share. Secondly, the global startup ecosystem is redefining. And lastly, people are ready and willing to adapt to new things. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that entrepreneurship was a choice for many before COVID19 but to deal with unemployment now people are seriously considering starting new businesses. 


We encourage startups to focus on the challenges our nation is facing during this global pandemic, and find innovative solutions for the new normal. The market dynamics, consumer needs, and the general landscape is going to be changed greatly and we need entrepreneurs with excellent insight who can tackle these novel problems and situations with their creative ideas and propositions. The post-COVID market is going to redefine a lot of what we know.

Apply now with the tech startup idea and be a part of revolutionizing the dynamics of the startup ecosystem. 

Visit to register. Last date to apply: 15th June 2020