PM Imran Khan says he has TWO resolutions for the new year. Here’s a look at them.

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In an interview with journalist and anchor at Hum News Makhdoom Shabad-ud-Din, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan explained why change can’t be expected to appear in the blink of an eye and shared the two resolutions that he had set out for the new year of 2021.

In the exclusive interview shared by Mr. Makhdoom on Twitter, the premier responded to a question about when the citizens of Pakistan can expect to witness the revolutionary change promised by him and his party at the grassroots level now that almost half of his tenure was complete.

Change is a process,” the premier stated. “It is not a switch that you may turn on and get right away! It is a process that requires struggle and effort.

The prime minister explained that whenever a society attempts to bring positive change, it finds that it has to struggle to make it happen. He pointed out that, for instance, one could not expect bribery to vanish from our society on its own. The only way it could be removed systematically was if the society actually made an effort towards its eradication.

When a nation determines its values and focuses on them, that is when positive change comes about in society,” PM Imran Khan emphasized.

When asked about his resolutions for the new year of 2021 as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the premier responded that he had two important resolutions: to make sure that no one in the country goes to bed on an empty stomach, and to ensure that every poor household has access to health coverage.

He briefly mentioned that his government was working on an “incredible program” for the purpose of solving hunger in Pakistan.

Earlier today, the premier officially launched Raast, the nation’s first-ever instant payment system developed by the State Bank of Pakistan along with Karandaaz Pakistan.

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