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PTA Received Over 17,000 Complaints Against Telecom Operators in March 2023

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According to data released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), around 16,956 (99.2 percent) of the 17,092 complaints against telecom and cellular operators were successfully resolved

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) received over 17,000 complaints against telecom and cellular operators in March 2023. According to official data, 16,956 (99.2 percent) of these complaints were successfully resolved.

PTA revealed that these complaints were filed against a number of different telecom operators working in various industries. These included cellular mobile operators (CMOs), long-distance international (LDI) operators, wireless local loop (WLL) operators and internet service providers (ISPs) including Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL).

The complaints against LDI’s, WLL’s and ISP’s were minute when compared to the complaints against CMO’s, mainly because CMO’s make up for the major part of the telecom subscriber base.

Data suggests that out of the 17,092 complaints received by PTA, 16,547 were filed against cellular mobile operators (CMO’s). PTA was able to successfully address around 16,460 or 99.5% of these complaints.

It’s reported that 7684 of these CMO complaints were received against Jazz, 3,081 of these complaints were received against Telenor, 3,964 complaints were received against Zong and around 1,810 complaints were received against Ufone.

Apart from these CMO’s, PTA received a total of 395 complaints against internet service providers (ISP’s) and 141 complaints against basic telephony.


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