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Punjab Govt is launching Insaf academies with online quizzes and lectures

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Punjab government’s Minister of Education, Dr. Murad Raas, has announced that they will be setting up online academies for classes 9 to 12. The academy termed as “Insaf Academy” will offer free lectures and quizzes for the students.



Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Dr. Murad said that the first phase will include lectures on Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics for class 9. The students will be able to self assess their abilities as well through quizzes. The whole program will be free of cost as well.

He also mentioned that their department was focusing on promoting English. Around 1,000 master trainers were hired who would train the teachers. He expects the project to launch by March 2021 and further classes to be added later on.

Previously the government launched an Insaf school program which was halted due to COVID. The government launched an Insaf Afternoon School program as well aiming to minimize the needs for private tuition centers and academies.

This is a very good initiative from the government as many schools have not stopped charging their fee during the COVID period while work has been stagnant for most people. This will bring a free platform for the children who cannot afford private schools and academies.

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