Punjab Highway Police Launches Advanced Tracking System and E-Challan App

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Inaugurating the tracking system and e-challan App of the Punjab Highway Patrolling police vehicles, the interim Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, expressed that this advanced system will play a crucial role in the identification of stolen vehicles that bear counterfeit number plates.

A meeting took place on Tuesday between the Chief Minister and officials from the Highway Patrolling Police and Punjab Safe Cities Authority. During the meeting, the Chief Minister commended the efforts of the Inspector General (IG) of the Police and his team for introducing this innovative tracking system and App. He issued a directive to the Punjab Highway Patrolling Police, urging them to diligently carry out their duties.

The Chief Minister underscored the significance of a comprehensive road safety plan and called for stringent legal measures against motorcyclists who disregard helmet regulations. He emphasized the importance of cracking down on unlicensed vehicles and motorcyclists throughout Punjab, emphasizing the need to take all necessary steps to ensure road safety.

Detailed explanations about the tracking system, App, e-challan, and road safety were provided by the IG of the Police and the Director General of Rescue 1122. Additionally, the Chinese Consul General, Zhao Shiren, visited the interim Chief Minister’s office to discuss strategies for enhancing cooperation.

The focus of the discussion primarily revolved around agriculture, livestock, and information technology, with both parties expressing their dedication to further promoting bilateral ties. They agreed to strengthen collaboration in various areas, as China pledged its support by providing high-quality cotton and rice seeds to Punjab. Furthermore, Chinese experts will be actively involved in cotton research and efforts to mechanize agricultural processes.

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Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman
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