Islamabad police introduces QR-based parking security system

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‘Park Secure’ is a QR (Quick Response) based technology intended to provide security to the automobiles in public parking spots. The latest parking solution was introduced by the Islamabad Police in cooperation with JS Bank on Sunday, at Islamabad Sunday Bazar – H-9 sector. Currently, the system is just implemented there, however, it will reportedly be applied to other areas soon.

Through this technology, Islamabad Police will now be able to provide security to all the public parking areas. Hopefully, it will lessen the car theft cases in the capital and other areas where it would be adopted.

Moving on to the working, Park Secure generates a QR coupon using a mobile phone. Once a vehicle enters the public parking area, the vehicle’s information gets tagged with the digital coupon. Now upon exiting the parking lot, the driver’s issued QR code has to be verified by the police officer. The car is allowed to exit once the credentials get matched.

Furthermore, the technology provides live statistics of the cars entered, exited and currently parked to the Police officials. This is a very thoughtful approach, as these stats can be shared with the relevant authorities through which they can come with the improved planning and management that can further comfort the public.

Islamabad IGP (Inspector General of Police) Sultan Azam Temuri stated that the safety of the public and their property is their utmost priority and they are working hard to maintain that. He said that the QR based security system is a step towards this cause.

The IGP added, “This system has been designed and launched keeping public convenience factor in mind and we are sure it will benefit the general public at large, […….] we are committed to introducing digital policing in Islamabad and there are still many of these technology-based initiatives that are yet to be launched.”

Moreover, Noman Azhar – Branchless Banking and Digital Implementation Country Head, said on the occasion, “We are extremely happy to support the vision of Islamabad IG Sultan Azam Temuri for digitization of Islamabad Police as we believe digitization is the only answer to many problems faced in today’s world.”

He further stated that Park Secure is a revolutionary initiative by Islamabad Police. It will help in effecting policing and would benefit both the public and the administration.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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