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Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is now official

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  50 sec read >

Qualcomm has officially revealed the Snapdragon 855 which will succeed the Snapdragon 845 chip found on most flagships nowadays. The announcement was made on Snapdragon Tech Summit which is dedicated to technologies which use 5G networking. Snapdragon 855 comes integrated with Qualcomm’s new X24 LTE modem which is capable of achieving download speeds up to 2Gbps and for 5G networking, manufacturers can opt for the X50 modem.

According to Qualcomm, the new chipset offers 3 times performance improvement from its predecessor and it will be 2 times better than the Kirin 980 and Apple A12 chips. Aside from the performance improvements, the 7nm manufacturing process will bring better battery life.

This chipset also has a new image processor capable of 4K HDR capture at 60 fps as well as a dedicated vision processor capable of depth mapping at 60 fps which should dramatically improve augmented reality applications. Check out the event coverage below:

We should expect major smartphone manufacturers to quickly start using this chipset in their devices and by the end of next year, most of the flagships would be capable of 5G networking. Qualcomm also announced a 3D Sonic Sensor which is used for in-display fingerprint detection and is capable of accurately detecting your fingerprint even if the screen is covered with particles or if it is wet.

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Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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