Run Sheeda Run is getting new updates with a surprise for iOS users

By Maryam Dodhy on
January 26, 2016
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Run Sheeda Run is a Pakistani game, loved by many. If by some misfortune you haven’t been introduced to RSR and, hence, don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to elaborate. Run Sheeda Run, an Android app released back in 2014, is a desi spin on the popular game Subway Surfers.

The game has been developed by enthusiasts at – an indie game development studio based in Islamabad. Their games have been downloaded over 7 million times across multiple platforms. Their portfolio includes the highly successful Lost Twins – which has been downloaded over 1 million times, Dream Chaser, Robo Quest, Foto Finish and Space Leap.

Run Sheeda Run was developed by them particularly aimed for the Pakistani audience. The game is true to the Pakistani culture and sees Sheeda, a young boy running for his life from the evil Qasai – who, somehow, happens to run very fast. Sheeda runs through the streets and the game’s graphics do complete justice in depicting the Pakistani streets. Ever since the app was first released, the games developers have rolled out various updates occasionally – giving a patriotic feel on 14th August and an homage to our religious traditions on Eid.

Run Sheeda Run has had around 500,000 downloads on Google Play, but the road doesn’t end there. has some cool upgrades regarding the future of the game. TechJuice was able to get some inside scoop from the team and here are their two important announcements:

  1. Before now, RSR had a single protagonist, Sheeda. For the first time, the team is introducing more characters to the game which include Sheeda’s little sister Chutki and his slightly obese friend Bubloo. The new updates include tweaks to the UI. And players will now be able to get new costumes via in-app purchases.
  2. There is also good news for iOS users. RSR is coming to the App Store! The iOS version is expected to be released simultaneously with the Android update, complete with all the new features. The release date will be around mid February.

There you have it guys. Run Sheeda Run isn’t going away anytime soon and these new features/upgrades along with the iOS app are expected to be released next month.

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