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Samsung bags Innovation Award for its Smart UX Center

Written by Maryam Dodhy ·  1 min read >

Samsung Electronics has won an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award for its Smart UX Center at the Buyers Laboratory (BLI) Summer 2016 Awards.

Samsung’s Smart UX Center is the printing industry’s first ever Android-based system, enabling users to store, photocopy, print, edit, and transfer documents in any form between a printer, computer or a mobile.

BLI is the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software. In summer and winter each year, BLI hosts its Pick Awards and Outstanding Achievement Awards, acknowledging high-performing printing hardware and software products, with a unique and rigorous evaluation system. BLI gave Samsung’s Smart UX Center a high rating, particularly noting its unique and innovative properties in customizing and expanding printing functions to meet users’ needs.

Jamie Bsales, Director of Office Workflow Solutions Analysis at BLI, said:

“The combination of a true Android tablet UI and accessible ‘app store’ by end users, resellers, and IT administrators puts Samsung in the vanguard as MFP makers begin to embrace the app paradigm.”

BLI also believes the Smart UX Center to be a highly innovative industry innovation. The Printing App Center effectively supports users who wish to enhance the features of their multi-function printers (MFPs) according to their own needs by downloading low-cost, and sometimes free, apps and widgets.

David SW Song, Senior Vice President, Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics, said:

“Customers should have no trouble finding solutions to boost productivity, streamline daily workflows, and realize the full potential of their MFPs. Samsung has just scratched the surface of the platform’s possibilities. Since its debut in 2014, Samsung UX Center has been creating changes in offices around the globe – designing a hassle-free printing environment through printing task digitalization. As an industry leader in office innovation, Samsung will continue to develop high-technology, user-friendly printing goods, and services.”

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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