Samsung Electronics unveils an array of smart appliances

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Samsung Forum 2015

Technology and science enthusiasts foresee a future which is connected and Internet of things is the concept that can make this dream come true. Samsung, Apple and Google understand this very well and all of them have been trying to be the most influential future shaper in Internet of Things domain.

Yesterday, during the course of MENA forum 2015, an array of smart and innovative products were released. Samsung being the 7th most valuable brand in the world is looking for ways to make consumers lives more convenient by improving and including new features in different appliances.

MENA is the most connected region of the world and by introducing more IoT products, we will help improve the economies of these countries. — Mustafa, Regional Product Head.

From a beautiful vacuum cleaner, POWERbot with line-moving and hurdles detection capabilities to a smart printer based on android operating system, from a good looking, omni-directional audio speaker, to a thoughtfully designed dual-wash, active-wash, washing machine — all of the products had a use-case of why and how these products were designed and developed.

Let’s take a look at everything one by one.

Samsung Multi-function printer with an Android interface

Samsung announced the launch of ten new multi-function printer (MFP) models in the MENA region. The MFPs are the first printers of their kind to be equipped with an Android operating system, and are designed to be more independent, intuitive and scalable for all types of business environments.

The launch of Samsung’s Smart MultiXpress series of MFPs will both increase business customers’ efficiency and productivity, as well as provide even faster document processing speed – output speed is up to 1.5 times faster than previous 1GHz single-core CPU thanks to its 1GHz dual-core CPU – and enable multiple users to print and scan large documents without disruption.

Samsung Galaxy Phone – A series

Galaxy A5

Samsung is now taking selfie smartphones to a new level by introducing not one but three smartphones with special selfie taking capabilities. All of these phones feature a wide angle 5 MP front-facing camera which is very convenient for selfie enthusiasts who are fond of ‘groupies’ (selfie of a group of people). The Korean Giant, yesterday, at Samsung Forum 2015 announced the launch of these three smartphones in MENA region — which means Pakistan will get them very soon.

You can read more about them here.

Samsung dual-wash washing machine

Samsung Dual Wash
Samsung Dual Wash Machine

Samsung launched a dual-wash washing machine with an additional sink which can make the pre-treating of clothes very convenient. The top-load washing sink is going to be a relief for all those who usually get backaches while washing clothes on floor with hands.

Samsung beautifully crafted audio line-up

Samsung omni-directional
Samsung omni-directional

Portable speakers are great if they sound good but a beautiful design is that which can let the speaker submerge in the surroundings. Samsung has exactly done this with their new portable omni-directional speakers. You can hang them on the roof, place it on a side or center table and not only they will produce great sounds but also look very good, thereby, increasing decoration factor.

Samsung also introduced its new Curved Soundbar, which complements Samsung Curved TVs from 65 inches to 78 inches. This premium audio solution offers 9.1 channel audio for a truly immersive experience. The Curved Soundbar is connected wirelessly to the TV and can be used to stream music through Samsung’s multiroom functionality.

Samsung UHD TV with improved quality

Samsung UHDTV with curved display
The main highlight of the event was Samsung UHD TV which is now improved by a proprietary, eco-friendly nano-crystal display technology and intelligent SUHD re-mastering engine.

The SUHD TV is innovative in every way, delivering superior picture quality with stunning contrast, striking brightness, spectacular color and superb UHD detail. The SUHD re-mastering engine automatically analyzes the brightness of images to minimize additional power consumption while expressing stunning contrast levels – producing images with improved contrast, elevated brightness two-and-a-half times brighter than conventional TVs and twice the color adjustment points.

In addition to the above products, Samsung also unveiled a chef-level fridge developed in partnership with Samsung Club des Chefs, a collaboration between Samsung Digital Appliances, Michelin-starred chefs and food visionaries, focused on a revolutionary home appliance brand for Samsung. Also, the new Samsung air conditioner features an energy-efficient Digital Inverter Technology. In terms of air quality, Samsung’s exclusive Virus Doctor feature keeps families safe and comfortable through innovative air purifying technology, which neutralizes harmful contaminants in the air up to 99 percent.The Samsung air purifier’s Front Air Inflow easily draws in air and operates effectively even if it’s placed against the wall.

These products are expected to be launched in Pakistan throughout this year from time to time. We will be reaching out to Samsung officials on release dates and schedules.

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