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Samsung introduces replacement program for Galaxy Note 7 users in Pakistan

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A Galaxy Note 7 deemed safe by Samsung caught fire on Southwest Airlines flight 944 from Louisville to Baltimore. The plane was still on ground and was evacuated quickly after passengers were startled by a smoking Galaxy Note 7. The owner of the phone, Brian Green, told the Verge ( that he had picked up the replacement phone from AT&T store on September 21st. The phone was supposed to be safe to use as it came with a black square symbol on the box (one which Samsung now uses to differentiate safe Note 7 devices) and showed a green battery symbol. [Image:]Green said that as soon as he powered down the device, as requested by the flight crew, his device started emitting a “thick grey-green angry smoke”. He left the phone on the floor and quickly evacuated the flight. The phone burned through the carpet and had even damaged the subfloor of the plane. Green's phone had about 80 percent charge when the accident happened. He said that he had only once used a wireless charger to charge his device. The device is now in the hands of the local fire department for further investigation and Green has replaced his device with a new iPhone 7. In hindsight, that might not have been an entirely good decision as there have been similar incidents where iPhone 7 and 7 plus have caught fire due to battery damage (

Samsung has extended the support of Galaxy Note 7 replacement program for users in Pakistan. Those unfortunate users in Pakistan who bought a faulty Galaxy Note 7 can now get it replaced from concerned retailers.

Ever since there has been news of Galaxy Note 7 devices catching fire, users in Pakistan were anxious about the local availability of replacement program. Some users even had to sell their devices at huge losses because Samsung Pakistan refused to help those who bought the device off Grey Market. We previously reported that Samsung Pakistan was considering engaging local users in the final global recall. It appears that Samsung has finally decided to entertain replacement requests of Pakistani users.

Through an announcement on their official website, Samsung Pakistan is now offering Galaxy Note 7 users following two options to get their devices replaced:

  • Replace your Galaxy Note 7 with a Galaxy S7 edge and get a refund of PKR 10,000/-
  • Obtain a complete refund

Samsung says that terms and conditions will apply while filing for the refund option. Details of those terms and conditions are not available until now. It further says that Samsung did not launch Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan but all customers who pre-booked the phone are requested to contact the relevant retailers to get a refund.

If you have further questions, you can contact Samsung representatives at 0800-72678 (open 9:00am to 9:00pm / 7 days per week).

Written by Shaoor Munir
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