Samsung starts deleting ads mocking Apple for not including a charger before Galaxy S21 release

Written by Talha Ikram ·  48 sec read >

You might have seen the way Samsung mocked Apple when it released the iPhone 12 for not including a charger in the box saying that you get everything you look for in a Galaxy phone from the most basic things like a charger to the best camera and a 120Hz screen.

Samsung has now started deleting all of the ads and posts that it put up mocking Apple. Most people believe that this is because Samsung is also going to remove the charger from the box in the upcoming Galaxy S21 series that is expected to launch in January 2021.

What is even more hilarious is that this is not the first time that Samsung has mocked Apple and taken a complete U-turn and done the same thing. Samsung mocked Apple for not including a headphone jack in the iPhone X but proceeded to do the same in the Galaxy Note 10 after deleting the ads where it had mocked its competitor.

Samsung’s marketing team does not know what it’s doing. Maybe it expects that the people will have forgotten what it did by now or maybe they are really impressed by the U-turns that Imran Khan takes.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s sales have been on the decline as well as it didn’t even reach the 300 million sales mark for the first time in 9 years.

Image Source: The Verge