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Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12 – Which one is the king of Flagships?

As you probably know by now, Samsung launched its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S21, in a virtual event...

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Jan 15 · >

Samsung starts deleting ads mocking Apple for not including a charger before Galaxy S21 release

You might have seen the way Samsung mocked Apple when it released the iPhone 12 for not including a...

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Dec 28 · >

iPhone 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 – Which One Should You Buy?

The iPhone 12 was just released a few days ago with a plethora of new features. We were blown...

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Oct 15 · >

Samsung mocks Apple for not providing a charger with the new iPhone 12

Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 12 yesterday in Apple Park. We got to see some amazing insights into...

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Oct 15 · >

China tariffs would hurt Apple and help Samsung, warns Apple CEO Cook

US President Donald Trump might have been responsible for making some very questionable decisions in the past, but his...

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Aug 19 · >

Apple and Samsung finally end 7-year long legal dispute outside the court

I’m a tech fan. I love all things tech and I have a special level of love for smartphones....

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