Samsung will cancel Galaxy Fold pre-orders unless consumers say otherwise

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  1 min read >

Samsung has until May 31 to meet US pre-order laws for its most anticipated Galaxy Fold.

Samsung has recently sent an email to its US consumers who pre-ordered Galaxy Fold stating that it will cancel all orders for the Galaxy Fold if it has not shipped the device by May 31st. Moreover, the South Korean tech giant is also asking US existing preorder customers that it will automatically cancel orders unless purchasers confirm that they “would like to keep their order”, reports Reuters.

Samsung delayed the original April 26th release date indefinitely after reviewers of some renowned media outlets damaged their devices during normal usage. Samsung has not decided a revised release date for its foldable smartphone and will provide further information on shipping “in the coming weeks.”

As reported by Reuters, the terms offered in the email are a legal requirement in the US due to the delay, but the report doesn’t explain the basis for this statement. According to a Samsung official statement,

“As per U.S. regulations, we are required to notify customers that their preorders will be canceled in the event the product has not been shipped by May 31st. Samsung Electronics America is offering customers an option to keep their orders past this date and customers may also cancel their orders at any time.”

Initial impressions of Galaxy Fold were quite positive as the company claimed that pre-orders sold out in just a day, but it wasn’t long before the first problems with review units were reported. As more screen failure reports followed, Samsung delayed the launch by ‘at least’ a month, and also asked the media outlets to give review units back. As per our understanding, Samsung is now looking into every sort of potential issues that can drown brand name along with the Fold.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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