Galaxy Fold

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy foldable phone has a very unique name

No, it’s not called the Galaxy Fold 2. That would be too predictable, and very unlike Samsung. According to...

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Jan 14 · >

iFixit calls the Galaxy Fold “alarmingly fragile” in teardown video

A few days ago, we told you about Galaxy Fold’s automated folding test CNET held to check the truth...

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Oct 8 · >

Samsung Galaxy Fold falls short of the company claims in automated folding test

When the Galaxy Fold was announced, Samsung claimed to have it “tested up to 200,000 folds” in internal testing....

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Oct 5 · >

Samsung may release Galaxy Fold next week

After getting out of the Galaxy Fold fiasco, the South Korean tech giant Samsung had announced the release of...

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Aug 30 · >

Samsung may launch a new outward-folding phone soon, report

Well, if you are still anticipating the re-launch of Galaxy Fold, keep waiting, because until now we have not...

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Jul 29 · >

Galaxy S10 Plus gets a much-needed camera upgrade

Though Samsung is still struggling to make improvements in Galaxy Fold yet it didn’t stop the Korean tech giant...

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Jul 3 · >

Samsung CEO admits they launched Galaxy Fold ‘before it was ready’

If you were wondering that who’s to blame on Galaxy Fold fiasco, well, worry not because the company’s CEO...

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Jul 2 · >

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is ready to be launched again

The recent fiasco surrounding the Galaxy Fold became a PR nightmare for the South Korean giant as the company...

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Jun 20 · >

Galaxy Fold gets a Game of Thrones edition; hope it won’t disappoint you like the show did

The Games of Thrones Galaxy Fold edition is out but you can’t afford it because it will be four...

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May 23 · >

Here are some changes Samsung made to its Galaxy Fold as the Fold fiasco chills out

Samsung has been working to improve its latest device the Galaxy Fold, after the company temporarily suspended its release...

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May 16 · >

Samsung will cancel Galaxy Fold pre-orders unless consumers say otherwise

Samsung has until May 31 to meet US pre-order laws for its most anticipated Galaxy Fold. Samsung has recently...

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May 8 · >

Another Galaxy Fold unit is having screen issue

The Galaxy Fold fiasco continues. The review unit of a tech videographer Michael Fisher, AKA MrMobile has revealed yet...

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Apr 24 · >