Here are some funny Twitter reactions to broken Galaxy Folds

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Samsung gave a few Galaxy Fold units to the reviewers of some renowned global media outlets. And after using the smartphone for a day or two the display broke. The two major problems related to the broken display are removing the phone’s upper layer by wrongly considering it a screen cover and tiny bulges that appear at the bottom of the hinge where the phone folds.

Samsung has also officially responded to the problem saying that only a few review units got affected and they will thoroughly investigate the reports. Also, the South Korean tech giant has affirmed that it won’t delay the release date of the phone. However, this didn’t stopped people from trolling them on Twitter and we have gathered some of the hilarious tweets we found on Fold Gate topic.

Apparently, Tony Stark and Peter Parker will always be remembered for their famous scene; “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.”

Samsung’s $2,000 phone is breakable from the inside.

And amid Fold Gate, some Samsung fans are perhaps reminding us of the Apple bend gate.

The new privacy feature of Galaxy Fold won’t let other people see your screen.

The phone is really strong that it can manage two hundred thousand folds, but it will start blinking in a day.

This tweet is just hilarious.

This happens when you try to make your TV a foldable phone.

This is just another funnier response of an Apple fanboy to broken Galaxy Fold.

You must read the instructions before using any product and that’s a wrap.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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